Welcome to Ian's Train & Tram collection.
    I hope there is something of interest here for all railway enthusiasts. Photographs were taken using my trusted Nikon D50/90 & Nikon lenses. I have now upgraded to the D7100.
    Photographs are then dropped into Photoshop elements 11 for any fine adjustments.
    I would like to thank all the Gen providers on the web for the valuable info provided, which in some part has led to some of these photographs being taken.
    Lastly if you wish to comment on any of the photographs on this site please feel free to do so, you can use the add comment box & I will reply as soon as I can.
    Can I say a big thankyou to all those people who have taken the time to look at my work, the comments are appreciated.
    Ian Parish Camberley January 2015.